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What is MeshTripleChain?

MeshTripleChain is a new high-performance, low-cost blockchain project.
MeshTripleChain is the project maintained by the MeshTripleChain Dev Team, and MeshProjectTeam is the main developer of the Dev Team.

Why MeshTripleChain?

With the advent of Bitcoin in 2008, the birth of blockchain technology opened our eyes to the decentralized world. Since then, numerous blockchain projects have been developed, but few have received significant attention in the market. Even after 10 years, cryptocurrency is still considered only a means of investment, and there is no cryptocurrency that can be used in our daily life. There are several reasons why the current cryptocurrency ecosystem is where it is today:

  • Focus only on decentralized technology
    Numerous blockchain projects focus only on decentralized technology and do not clearly state why exactly one should use blockchain technology. In the current system, it is not clear why the blockchain is used, which has to go through a complicated process, and why it is better than the existing industry.
  • Unbalanced economy
    Many blockchain projects start selling tokens with full issuance even before they can configure the network. Not only this, but by offering excessive bonuses, they tend to inflate the size of the economy by focusing on price and volume. This creates a huge imbalance in token distribution and adversely affects the growth of the blockchain ecosystem. In addition, as many DAPP developers are forced to use their own tokens for service, the economic ecosystem is divided for each blockchain project, further slowing overall growth.
  • Non-existence of own network
    Numerous blockchain projects are presenting only the project goals through tokens such as ERC and TRC, and many projects are being terminated without having their own network. This means that it is difficult or impossible for the project to develop in the desired direction because there is no or insufficient part for the projects to configure and distribute the protocol on their own. For this reason, many ideas that will contribute to the blockchain ecosystem are dead, and as a result, the blockchain ecosystem is not making much progress.
  • User Experience (UX) Issues
    Since cryptocurrency is literally a technology built on encryption, basic security is inherent in cryptocurrency. However, there are negatives associated with user experience (UX) issues along with security. Many projects such as DAPP are in progress and provide a variety of services, but most have focused on technical issues and overlooked service quality. Even when many users try to use blockchain projects such as DAPPs, they often leave after a short period of time as they are easy to use and have a disadvantage compared to more established services.

MeshTripleChain has defined three principles to solve these problems of Blockchain and build a blockchain-based ecosystem accessible to all.

  • Everyone can enjoy
    Users do not need to have a deep understanding of various concepts such as public and private blockchains. We dream of popularizing blockchain by building an infrastructure that is easily accessible to everyone and allows you to realize your own ideas to your heart's content.
  • let's grow together
    This principle was inspired by the concept of the Sharing Economy. The sharing economy principle refers to economic activities by recognizing that goods are not owned, but are rented out and used by each other. Platform business based on this sharing economy is being serviced in various forms, and MeshTripleChain also wants to build a blockchain ecosystem where all users become the owners of the platform and share the profits generated. In other words, MeshTripleChain is a mainnet that connects blockchains with independent networks.
  • Fast-Easy-High Security
    The chain guarantees a block creation time of at least 1 second and instant transaction completion, must process at least 5,000 TPS, and must not incur high transaction fees beyond the required cost. Also, transaction fees must be stable. MeshTripleChain provides stronger security by having a multi-chain form (1-4-3) rather than a simple block connection based on the Helix-Pyramid structure, and the current processing speed of 30,000 cases has been tested. Theoretically, it is evolving to handle over 100,000 cases.

Documentation Overview

MeshTripleChain Docs describes the MeshTripleChain project built by connecting each blockchain network. We talk about why MeshTripleChain is useful, how to use it, how it works, and how MeshTripleChain is sustainable. The goal of MeshTripleChain architecture is to build an infrastructure that users can easily access and use by integrating the fragmented blockchain on the current network and maintaining a faster and more stable network. In other words, the architecture of MeshTripleChain is that the connected networks have an independent blockchain network, and are scalable, secure, and decentralized.

What is MTC?

MTC is the basic coin name of the MeshTripleChain network, which stands for 3S, that is, Smart Network Core, Speed Network Core, and Super Network Core. MTC can be delivered to participating nodes in exchange for executing or verifying operations on the MeshTripleChain network, and is a coin that can be used in common in each blockchain network. The minimum value for MTC is 0.0000000000000000001.

Who is MeshProjectTeam?

The MeshTripleChain project is a project created with the participation of various development teams or developers around the world. MeshProjectTeam is a member of the development team participating in the MeshTripleChain project, playing the role of the main development team, and providing various support for the MeshTripleChain project.


All claims, content, designs, algorithms, estimates, roadmaps, specifications, and performance measurements described in this project are done with the author's best effort. It is up to the reader to check and validate their accuracy and truthfulness. Furthermore, nothing in this project constitutes a solicitation for investment.











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